Open Letter to SHACK Old Boys

  • 04/10/2022 04:27:08 pm


By Peter A. Ateenyi, OB

The Postal address of ????64 Masaka is well known to us all, so I will not dwell so much into that. On Saturday 16th July 2022, a few weeks from now, all proud SHACK Alumni will ascend to Kitovu Hill as we commemorate the SHACK Centennial Anniversary. It has been a journey worth remembering.

When we gather as Old Boys, we reminisce about our times. Of course most are good, save for a few sad ones. We even go an extra mile to remake some of the SHACK moments. I always see SHACK OBs posting photos of ‘KATA’???? on Fridays, a clear indication of recounting the memories that we had.
While we were still in school, we always looked forward to the SHACK@100 Celebrations. Little did we know that they were just a few hours away????????‍??. Here we are, faced with the reality of celebrating the same in a couple of weeks from now.

I should say we are major stake holders in SHACK. Our SHACKOBA Database has over 12,000 Old Boys. What do these numbers translate into?
We boast of the power of numbers, and now is the time for us to make sense out the numbers. Wearing a SHACK uniform for 6 years makes you a great SHACK Student. When we come to the working world, we become old boys (old because we are anyway older than the current students) and should therefore make ourselves actual elders.

It is a fact that you and I who are reading this article may probably not be around when SHACK celebrates her Bicentennial Anniversary (200 Years). We should therefore pride ourselves in the Centennial that we are going to witness.  Now is the time, folks.
2022 is such a special year where we have to do everything to evidently send out a message that we are SHACK Old Boys

 If 10,000  of us paid up our 2022 Subscription Fees of 50,000/-????????????, we could be the biggest alumni Association with such a turn over. If 5000 of us supported the SHACK Education Centre by paying up atleast 200,000/- that would be 1billion raised for the SHACK Centennial Signature Project?????

You will walk with shoulders high if you bought a SHACK Souvenir and wear one every Friday????????????. Fridays are for dressing down. So donning a shirt, blazer, T-shirt, necktie????, drinking from a SHACK Mug?, holding a SHACK umbrella???? on a rainy day, brushing your shoes???? with a SHACK shoe brush, or even signing that report at work with a SHACK pen?????????? will make you feel SHACK enough.

How about you penned down an article of your SHACK memories and have it published in the Centennial Magazine????? This is free by the way, and we have just about 14 days to the deadline. We have made pledges towards the SHACK Centennial Anniversary Projects over the past 10 years. Now is the right time to honour that pledge. You are not SHACKIST enough if you have not sent anything out onto your free social media accounts about SHACK@100.  The Hash Tag is #ShackAt100 We can trend on different social media platforms if every Kitovian made just one post with the hash tag every Friday

Can we walk the talk today. Write that article and send it to Buy that souvenir today by contacting +256773001149. Honour your pledge today, pay up your due subscription, make your humble contribution towards the project today. Walk up to a Cente Agent and tell them you are depositing money to:
Bank: Centenary Bank Account Name: St.Henry’s College Kitovu Anniversary A/C No: 3100015358 or via Mobie Money to SHACKOBA Treasurer Nicholas Kiggundu (+256(0)772443552 / +256(0)702443552.

Let’s Walk The Talk.We have to move now. Forego 2 beers a week  for SHACK.

(forward to another SHACK OB as received)

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Open Letter to SHACK Old Boys. By. Peter Ateenyi, OB