#SHACKAt100 Profiles - John Ken Lukyamuzi (The Man)

  • 11/22/2021 12:24:34 pm

Briefly tell us about yourself.
 I am Hon. John Ken Lukyamuzi, The Man.

When were you at SHACK?
I attended St. Henry’s College Kitovu from 1965 till 1968 for O’ Level and then I joined Makerere College School for A’ Level.

What are some of the memorable moments that you have from SHACK?
Well, quite a number. While at SHACK, I had several responsibilities and the memories hence are quite a number.
I was a the President of the Debating Club in 1967, President of the Historical Society and well as President of the Kennedy Club which attracted the then United States Ambassador to Uganda, His Excellency Logan to visit the school and find out about the Club in 1967. My colleague Lovit Kalyango and I excelled at a Science Fair. We exhibited how a home Broadcaster (Radio) works and this was while we were in S3. I served as a head librarian in S2. I was privileged to be the main College debater at the time. Because of this, my seconder, Jimmy Kato (Late brother to Owek. Katikiro) and I represented the College at the Annual Schools Debate which was funded by the British High Council. While at SHACK, I witnessed the fundamental 2 phases of Bakulu Mpagi who was a fundamental debater and his seconder was Edward Kitaka (Son of the Late Nsimbi who was a great Luganda author)

What are you proud of SHACK regarding academics during the time you joined SHACK?
I was lucky to have gone through SHACK at the time of Bro. Aidan Mulabannaku who had a high degree of capacity to select tutors. The college had tutors ranging from Canadians, British, English, Americans and Africans. I recall we had great black tutors called Mr. Emmanuel Kiwanuka who was my favourite tutor, the late Prof. Musangogwantamu who taught me art.  Mr. Kasirye as well as the Late Adonia Tibirondwa. I cannot forget the great British tutor, Mr. Ellyman who shaped our English at the time. Prof. Musangogwantamu was such a great Art teacher, that he taught me art and during one of the Art Papers (Nature) I painted a hibiscus flower and I saw bees come to collect nector from the painting.

You have mentioned to us that you studied during the time of Bro. Aiden Mulabannaku, what do you recall about him?
I cannot forget to mention the degree of responsibility that Bro. Aiden had towards the care of students. He loved us so much that we were always served with fruits as a supplement at breakfast. He shaped us so well that none of my former classmates became redundant after school. During his time, he always brought in an external visitor every week to talk to us about several aspects from Career guidance to academics.
I remember one time I incited students to demonstrate against bad porridge. Bro Aiden dismissed me from school and the following day, I came back to school and apologised and he readmitted me into school.

Hon, how has your political career been?
My political career started from SHACK, from the political positions that I had then. I remember during the SHACK time, a gentleman called Prof. Ali Mazuri identified me as a good debater after seeing me during the several debates we had where he was the guest of honour. He later on called me to go to Makerere during the holidays so that he could nurture me and harness my debating skills. I became a member of the Makerere Community even before A’ Level.

This later saw me launch a Journal called “THE SCHOOL LEAVER” after my A’ level as well as starting the Uganda School Leavers Association. Prof. Mazuri later hired me as his research assistant. I was [passionate about History, English, Economics and Fine Art. This got me admitted to Thomaset University in the United Kingdom where I obtained my first degree in Bachelor of Arts. This was an effort of Prof. Ali Mazuri.  I joined Namirembe SS to teach Art. I then obtained a Degree in Governance and Environmental Science, a Bachelor of Laws from Makerere University. I later proceeded to Law Development Centre and International Law Institute where I attained a Diploma in Legislative Drafting. I was a Producer for the Youth Programme at the national broadcaster of UTV, now Uganda Broadcasting Corporation.

What has been your contribution to the development of Uganda?
As a legislator, I have been able to serve my country in various capacities. My love for nature and environment drove me into founding the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda whose management was later taken on by the Uganda Government.
As a legislator, I drafted several private members bills. Among the envisaged are: The 2004 Land Bill, I moved a  motion which obliged government to start talks with the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army in Juba, I moved a motion which saw government stop the use of DDT, toxic materials like glyphosate, 24D, and Diquate in exterminating the water hyacinth.

 All this was done during my tenure in the 6th and 7th parliament where I served as a legislator. Aggrey Awori and I won a gold medal for Excellency in the 7th house. In 2013, Parliament allowed me to recite a poem on Uganda is Paradise which was aimed at commemorating the Kabaka of Buganda’s Coronation Anniversary. After this, I said to myself that even if I died then, I would die a happy man.

At International Level, I received the East and Central Africa Environmental Leadership Award due to my passion for environmental conservation.
I was elected Vice President of Global International, an association with MPs from over 100 years globally committed to International Protection of the Environment. I was also one of the few MPs that were recognised in the 2002 Global Conference held in South Africa.

Finally Honourable, what message do you have to the readers?
First, I want all the OBs who have gone through SHACK to promote the school at all fronts. I am extremely excited to note that the school through the Brothers of Christian Instruction have tirelessly protected the image of this spectacular institution. I have never met any teacher who is so uniquely attached to an institution like the SHACK tutors. For God and my country.


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In our #SHACKAt100 Profiles, we talk to Hon. John Ken Lukyamuzi (The Man), who tells us the origin of his unique talking style and how he invited the American Ambassador to SHACK. Did you happen to share a dormitory with the vocal politician? Do you know that he is a Golden Boy? All that and more in his profile.