#SHACKAt100 Profiles - Joseph Enock Majwala (Johkc)

  • 11/12/2021 01:33:10 pm

Joseph Enock Majwala, commonly known as Johkc, features in today's edition of the SHACKAt100 Profiles. 16th August 1996 saw the world welcome yet a future SHACK OB. He started his primary school education from Uganda Martyrs Primary School Katwe (UMAKA) from 2002-2008. From there he joined Seeta High School for his Uganda Certificate of Education, where he exelled and got a 'visa' that brough him to the magnificent College, SHACK in 2015.  During his stay at SHACK, Majwala was an active sportsman who treasured Kikame over anything else. While speaking to the editorial team in a special interview, Majwala pointed out that all the time he was reporting for a new term, his attention as soon as he entered the gate was looking at the pitches and this was mainly to ensure that the lawns are slashed to give him a good ground to exhibit his soccer skills.

An Arsenal fan, Majwala pointed out to us that on his first day of Kikame (slang for football without rules), he was fought for by the two rival kikame teams of Chapel FC and Block FC and he had to make a rather hard choice of playing for Block FC. "It was a really wonderful experience,and previledge that i had when i was admitted to SHACK, and i think it was a very great decision that my mother did. I cannot thank her enough for that" Majwala said.  Asked about the moments he cannot forget while at SHACK, Majwala told this publication that he vividly recalls when he was caught red handed in possession of over 50 photos that belonged to girls from different schools. "I remember I was caught by Mr. Baguma Chris who later handed me over to the Deputy Headteacher then, Mr. Joseph Kabuye who gave me the best beating of my entire lifetime. Omusajja yankuba!" he added.

"I was so embarrased since his office was near the S1 Block and these little boys saw me get whipped. It was a big big embarassment." While he stayed at SHACK, Majwala resided in Lwanga House and belonged to the Scouts Movement, where he served on the Club Executive Committee. He adds that the Tripple K experience (Kikame, Kacereal, Kaduce) always made his Friday the most dreaded day of the week and to date he cherishes Friday. Asked about the teachers that he believed shaped his carrer, Majwala noted that he was greatly inspired by his Scouts Movement Patron Mr.James Itetio as well as Mr, John Anthony Katamba. "I partly believe these two gentlemen are the reason as to why i love SHACK for they made my stay there worthwhile." Majwala narrated. He adds that the constant counselling from Mr.Katamba Anthony played a great role in shaping his current professional carrer and he says he is heavily indebted to both of them. 

Majwala (Centre) shares a light moment with his classmates during his SHACK days.

Currently, Majwala is a professional photographer that saw him establish his own photography firm, EnoKharts Photography that provides a wide range of photography and videography services. He advises all old boys to embrace the power of social capital and tap into the wide diversity of skills that the Old Boys have. "There is so much more to benefit from organistaions like SHACKOBA. As a photographer, i have been able to get contracts and deals from old boys to provide my services, and it is always heart warming everytime i get to work for a fellow Old Boy." he stressed.  He adds that he cant wait to see SHACK celebrate 100 Years of her existence. He asked all Old Boys, especially those from his cohort (The Uptown Pirates) stand up to the occassion and make their selfless contribution towards the construction of the Centennial Signature Project which is the SHACK Education Centre.

In his parting shots, Majwala said he looks foward to rekindling the Kikame Kacereal Kaduce moments, incase it is possible. 'Lets get hosted at school, we camp in the pitches and then have a recap of the great memories" he said.

Majwala clad in his SHACK uniform while on an external school function.

Story Compiled by Peter Ateenyi.

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#SHACKAt100 Profiles - Joseph Enock Majwala (Johkc) Could he arguably be the most talented Uptown Pirate at his trade? Did you know when he got the biggest embarrassment during his stay at SHACK? But where was he before he joined SHACK? All this and more and today's profile as 'Johkc' tells his story.