#SHACKAt100 Profiles - Nathan Kuteesa

  • 11/01/2021 12:39:26 pm

As we head towards the SHACK Centennial Anniversary, we continue to profile more old boys, as a way of recognisisng their contribution to society, as well as selfless contributions to SHACK. Today, we profile celebrated photographer, Nathan Kuteesa.

Name: Kuteesa Joseph Nathan
Age: 20 years
Cohort: House of Olympians (2014-2019)
Contact: 0705085171/

Kuteesa J. Nathan is a Photographer, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing and Brand Strategist.  He is the team lead at Fancy Media, an agency that looks towards growing brands through photography, filming, web development and branding.

Fancy Media has been able to build brands through helping them create opportunities for themselves in the marketplace. This is done through helping them identify to whom they’re communicating to and how to get the message across to them and increasing visibility.

Through the digital marketing that the agency does; we have been able to push information shared on the social media platforms of St. Henry’s College Kitovu – and most importantly have helped make some artwork for St. Henrys College  Kitovu’s 100 years buildup.

Kuteesa Nathan


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#SHACKAt100 Profiles - Nathan Kuteesa Do you know him? Were you in the same class with him? Any idea what he does?