#SHACKAt100 Profiles - Dr. Joseph Mary Bukenya

  • 10/29/2021 11:16:37 am

#SHACKAt100 Profiles - Dr. Joseph Mary Bukenya
Cohort: Golden Boys (1922-1969)

Born        :    6th February,1950
Education Background
1958-1965    -    Primary 8 Leave Certificate.
1966-1971    -    Both ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Certificate
1972-1977    -    MBCH.B (MUK)
1980-1981    -    Post Graduate Diploma Obstetrics (MUK)
1981-1985    -    MMED OBS and GYN (MUK)
1986            -    Attended a number of courses in Sweden, Norway and Germany.
2008-2010    -    M.MED (Health Service Management) Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi.
1978    -    Medical Officer Masindi Hospital
1980    -    Senior House Officer Dept of OBS + GYN Mulago
1985    -    Registrar Dept of OBS and GYN Mulago Hospital

1986-1990    -    Regional Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Greater Masaka, Rakai, Ssembabule, Ssesse-Kalangala and Lyantonde based at Masaka Hospital.  
1990-1998    -    Medical Superintendent/ Gynaecologist Masaka Hospital.
1998-1999    -    Senior Consultant OBS and GYN, Dept of OBS and GYN Mulago Hospital.
1999-2010    -    Medical Director Rubaga Hospital
2010 to Date    -    Senior Consultant and Head of Dept of OBS and GYN General Military Hospital Bombo.  

•    Happily married with six children.
•    A Rotarian
•    Ssabakristu Mutuba Gardens Sub-Parish.
•    A farmer.

He has ably represented and actively put SHACK and SHACKOBA in the lime light, owing to his selfless service as a frontline medical worker.

He equally holds the record as one of the few Old Boys who have attended all the Old Boys Association Annual General Meetings, and actively supported the projects of the Association.


Article Summary

#SHACKAt100 Profiles - Dr. Joseph Mary Bukenya In our series today, we look at the life of Senior OB, Dr, Joseph Mary Bukenya. Could he have the track record of having attended all the Old Boys Association AGMs?