About Shackoba

In July 2022, or three (3) years from now, St. Henry’s College Kitovu (SHACK) will celebrate 100 years of its existence. There are many ongoing and planned activities, projects and initiatives to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the College. Prominent among the envisaged centennial projects is the construction of the Students’ Education Center (Multipurpose Hall) at the College estimated at a cost of approximately UGX.3billion. Over the past 97 years of her existence, SHACK has produced some of the most prominent old boys that have profoundly contributed to the development of Uganda, East Africa, Africa and the world at large. From health, politics, economics, religion, academia, law, engineering, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, teaching, sports, music dance and drama/entertainment, security, trade, name it.

There exist names of prominent Kitovians that have greatly contributed to the evolution of these sectors. Over the years, many of these Kitovians have settled in various parts of the world. Nonetheless, regardless of where they are, each of them remains passionate about their alma mater and its life lasting impact on their lives.

Majority cannot wait to seize any available opportunity to give back to their beloved College in gratitude for the experience gained. However, there is need to mobilize and harmonize the Kitovian passion and love that is spread across the globe. This need has been and remains the major driving force behind the initiatives of the St. Henry’s College Kitovu Old Boys Association, SHACKOBA. SHACKOBA is the umbrella body that mobilizes and unites all Old Boys and well-wishers of St., Henry’s College Kitovu towards supporting the College and creating networking opportunities for the Old Boys. On Sunday 14th April 2019, the St. Henry’s College Kitovu Old Boys Association (SHACKOBA) held the 2nd Annual SHACKOBA Sports Gala at Kyambogo University Cricket Oval.. The overall aim of the Annual SHACKOBA gala is to mobilize all Old Boys of SHACK towards the 100 years (centennial) celebrations happening soon in 2022.

College Aim

The ultimate aim of St. Henry’s College Kitovu is the evangelization through holistic education to the youth.

Vision of the College

“Continuous improvement and endless search for knowledge"

Mission Statement of the College:

“To produce self reliant and acceptable citizens who are well formed in character and knowledge acquisition.”

College motto:

For Greater Horizons